Do Nation Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Summaries

Never the most exciting bit of a website - here are our legal policies. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions and privacy policy before using Do Nation.

We've outlined the main points here but this is no substitute for reading the full versions, which you can find linked below.

Basic Terms and Conditions

We may change these terms and conditions so you should check regularly to see what has changed.

Our logo and the materials that we and our users have put on our site may be protected by copyright. You should not copy, reproduce, modify or use them without us first giving you permission to do so.

We can't promise that you'll always be able to see all parts of the website as we may need to update it from time to time or carry out maintenance on the site.

Please read our basic terms and conditions in full, by using the site you are agreeing to them.

Registered User Terms and Conditions

If you create an account on our site, you'll need to agree to our Registered User Terms and Conditions too. These may also change from time to time; we aim to notify you by email of any major changes, but you should check back regularly in any case.

You should check our rules on uploading content to the site, please do not upload anything which is offensive, discriminatory, unlawful, or that you don’t have permission to use.

Users can either subscribe to our Free or Pro tiers, pricing and features for which are published on our pricing page. By signing up to these, you agree to the payment policies outlined in the terms and conditions. In summary, unless otherwise agreed, we'll take automatic card payment at the end of your billing month.

If we think you've not been using the site according to our terms, we may cancel your registration and stop you using the site.

Read the latest version of our full terms and conditions here.

Privacy Policy

When you register with the Do Nation you may wonder what we do with the information you provide (for example, your name and email address). Our Privacy Policy sets out what we will and won't do with this information.

We'll use this information about you to, among other things, contact you to answer any questions you may have, track your Do Actions, calculate the carbon you're saving and help you out by sending you handy reminders and tips.

If you decide you no longer want to receive any of this information, you can just let us know by emailing with the subject line "Delete my account".

You can also opt-in to share your email address with the owner of the campaign that you pledged to support, so that they can contact you to thank you, or to share other relevant information. We will never share your contact details with other third parties.

If you sign up to our mailing list, we’ll send you occasional updates on the work we're doing or about things which we think may interest you.

You'll find links to other websites on this site, those sites will have their own terms and conditions and/or privacy policies which you should read if you visit their sites.

We use cookies to collect information about your usage of this website, helping us to improve the usability of the site.

We will store your data on our secure servers but, due to the nature of the internet, cannot guarantee that information passed around on the internet is 100% secure.

You should check out our full policy here for more information, by using the site you are consenting to it.


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