Pricing and Features

We have developed a range of packages to suit your needs however you plan to use Do Nation. Prices are based on the number of employees who have access to your program, and which tier you choose.

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Create a basic pledge campaign, perfect for personal use or for trials within your organisation.

Best for:

  • individuals and small teams

  • raising support for challenges or events

  • alternative gift lists

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Free includes:

  • Customised campaign page

  • Organisation page listing campaigns and overall impact (optional)

  • 50+ Do Actions for supporters to select pledges from

  • Detailed advice and information on all Do Actions

  • Email support for all supporters

  • Calculated carbon savings of individual pledges

  • Follow-up with supporters after two months to measure success and impact

  • Email or Facebook login

For full detail on the features, head here.



per employee per month

Professional platform, introducing impact measurement, team competition, and enhanced customisation.

Best for:

  • businesses and universities

  • ongoing engagement programs

  • green weeks and events

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Includes all features in Free, and:

  • Interactive leaderboard listing team campaigns, balanced for team size

  • Ability to edit your prioritised Do Actions

  • Access to Pro Only Do Actions

  • Live reporting dashboards detailing carbon, water, and waste impacts

  • Weekly impact updates

  • Bulk creation and management of employee accounts

  • Remove Do Action sponsor branding from pledge forms

  • Supporter email addresses included in data download (dependent on opt-in)

For full detail on the features, head here.

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N.B. All costs are subject to VAT, which is not included above.

Enterprise or University?

Looking to run a programme with over 1,000 staff or students?

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Detailed report

We can produce a report at the end of your program (or at the end of a year, depending on which comes first) to detail the pledges and impact, based on an analysis of data from the site and from the follow-up survey, brought to life with some nice user quotes.

£800 + VAT


Booklets, badges, stickers, branded food clips, or bottles - we can prepare the materials you need to help really make a splash and bring your campaign to life.

Kick off workshop

Tap into our experience in running a kick ass Do Nation program, run a one-hour workshop to get all the basics in place for getting your program set off to a great start.

Team leader training workshop

Our team leader training sessions not only help to ensure higher participation in Do Nation, but also build leadership skills amongst your key champions - a double win.

Communications workshop

Once your employees have made their pledges, it’s up to us to keep them engaged. But getting them there in the first place is down to good communications and promotion - and that’s where our communications workshops come in handy.


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