Game off


Screens are addictive for a reason. From Pinterest to Portal, from Facebook to your favourite show, we love to be entertained by games, social media, TV and practically anything else that’s screen-shaped.

But you can have too much of a good thing.

Lots of screen-time doesn’t just lead to sore thumbs and square eyes*, it’s also linked to wider waistlines, bigger energy bills and larger carbon footprints.

So for a few hours each week, switch off your screens and do something different.

It's that simple.

*according to all parents everywhere



For people

Saving energy means saving money, especially as the average number of devices per household increases and with high electricity prices. So switch off and save some cash.

There are more and more studies showing that too much screen time - whether we’re watching, scrolling, commenting or playing - damages our overall wellbeing. So disconnect from your screen and enjoy all the benefits.

Swapping a few hours of sedentary gaming time each week for more energetic activity will do wonders for your overall health. Not only is exercising outdoors strongly linked to mental wellbeing, it can also help you lose weight, while protecting you against cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

For planet

Screens are hungry for our time and our energy supply. Although individually, the use of various electronic items doesn’t seem like much, all those small footprints add up to a bigger one. And, what with the nightly phone and iPad charging and the various TVs, laptops and games consoles that need plugging in, powering our screen habit adds up to a significant amount of energy use.

So swap the screens for some free, offline fun and save nearly 70kg CO2 over a year.


Here’s the fun bit. Getting offline and away from your screens shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice. There are so many ways you can fill your time with physically and mentally rewarding, low-carbon, social and super-fun activities.

Why not try out a new sport, pick up an old favourite, or simply go explore the great outdoors.

Here are a few starters:

  • Project Wild Thing - they have some great ideas for getting stuck into nature.
  • Discover a hobby - if you're up for trying a new sport or hobby check out this site for the low-down on everything from Acroyoga and Archery to Sign Language and Screenwriting!
  • Your local leisure centre - find out what sports classes and clubs yours runs.
  • Meetup - want to get outside but not sure who to go with? Meetup is a really friendly platform that people use to organise clubs and group events - including everything from hikes and bike rides to wine tastings, language exchange and theatre trips!