CLASH Action Fortnight

By: Cultivator

1 Feb 2022 - 14 Feb 2022 in Cornwall|

CLASH Action Fortnight

By: Cultivator

1 Feb 2022 - 14 Feb 2022 in Cornwall|

With COP26 held in the UK in November 2021, it seems that the debate around climate change has shifted – no longer is it a question of whether we need to act, but what are the priorities for action and how quickly? As doughnut economist Kate Raworth stated ‘if you aren’t designing for our planet, what planet are you on’?

Here in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly, it feels like the creative sector is at the forefront of leading sustainability practice – with CLASH events, Feast’s Shout Louder campaign, Goodfest and The Sustainable Creative Charter, we’ve already seen a huge amount of interrogation of the question ‘What does sustainability mean to me – in my life, my work and as part of society?’ as well as loads of great examples of trailblazers making sustainability the essence of what they do and how they do it. For example Cornwall is the second largest cluster of B Corps outside of London in the UK with lots of people committing time and resource to building their businesses around a triple bottom line of people and planet, and profit for all.

However, developing your sustainable practice does not have an end point. There is always more you can do, whatever your stage of development as a creative and whatever sub-sector you work in, it’s not to late to start now, or enhance what you are already doing. The CLASH action fortnight is designed to help you do more.

Make a pledge NOW and importantly take action from one of the 60 options available on this site and you’ll see the potential carbon saving. B Corp certified Do Nation will check back in with you over the next couple of months to see how you’re getting on with incorporating your day to day life, and at the end will total up the carbon reduction that we will collectively achieve by each doing our part. 1,000 pledges as a goal feels big but not if the creative community comes together to make it happen – and you can pledge as many things as you realistically think you can stick to.

If you can’t find anything from this list that excites or motivates you, or you just want to do more, check out the Sustainable Creative Charter that was the product of the ‘hive’ mind of 100 creatives at last year’s Goodfest. You can sign up for that as well and receive a free logo pack to put on your communications to show your commitment.

Finally, the challenge of living and working more sustainably can seem overwhelming so please do share your pledges and your progress in whatever way you are comfortable – with friends and colleagues, at one of our CLASH Action Fortnight online drop-in sessions, on social media or through your creative work, we’re in this together and you never know who you might inspire with our everyday acts of creative sustainable action.

Good luck and get started!

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