Think Global, Act Local

Think Global, Act Local

By: Think Global

1st March 2018|

Think Global promotes education in a global context.

We do this by improving the way we all understand, think and act when addressing the challenges we face in the world together.

We want people to:

• Understand big global issues, like migration and inequality, and how we relate to each other in the world.

• Think more critically and creatively - becoming more appreciative of others, our similarities and our differences.

• Act to create a better world for everyone - now and in the future.

One way you can take action is to make a pledge to help make our world more just and sustainable. Pick a pledge or two such as ‘Fair Enough’, ‘Lights Out’ or ‘Well Oiled’ and commit yourself to it. You can choose from one of the top Do Actions below, or browse more by clicking the ‘pledge’ button above.

Think global and act local, and help us reach our target of 300 pledges!

59 out of 300 Pledges

Priority Do Actions

These are the actions that we think are most apt right now. There are many more to chose from here.

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