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How long do I have to do my pledge for?

Just two months. More on why two months here.

Do I have to do it 100% of the time?

Nope. For most Do Actions, you can pick how often you do them.

How do you know if I really do my pledge?

We ask you to come back at the end and let us know. We trust you to be honest. And we share your response with your friends and colleagues.

Can I make more than one pledge?

For sure! Go wild (but be realistic).

I want to do something that's not on your list, can I make a new one up?

You can send us suggestions of new Do Actions, but if you want to pledge right now, find one that's as similar as possible and use a little artistic license. Read more.

I'm doing them all already, what can I do?

If you're absolutely sure that you're doing them all, then fantastic! Now the best thing you can do is encourage those around you to join you - so pledge "Do more".

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