About Us

If changing behaviours was easy, we’d all be super-fit with phDs, empty inboxes and spotless bathrooms. And, what’s more, climate change probably wouldn’t be a problem.

But in reality, doing the things we know are good for us (not to mention our world) is really hard.

Do Good for Business is here to make it easy.

How? By helping your employees become healthier, happier and more productive, while also helping you do something that’s good for your business and great for the environment.

In other words: by helping you - and your business - do better by doing good.

Our behaviour change platform is powered off three fundamental beliefs:

First, that small sustainable lifestyle changes don’t just cut carbon, they lead to happier, healthier, more productive lives - at home and at work.

Second, that even though it doesn’t always feel like it - small actions really do add up (and the more we can do to show that, the more we’ll all commit to do).

And third, that given the right conditions people can change. For the better, and for good.

Our Impact

If you do the recycling but nobody’s watching, does it still make a difference?

Well, yes. But the point is, behaviour change works best when it’s measured, analysed and shared. With lots of data to delve into, we can show things like this…

  • 37%

    of employees take part, on average. Although this has hit as high as 91% with some clients.

  • 42%

    of people said they’d continue their pledged action - and they’re just the ones that told us about it.

  • 82%

    of users said it made them more proud of what their organisation is doing to tackle sustainability.

  • 67%

    of people said using our platform improved their wellbeing. 1/2 said it improved their health.

  • £43

    saved per employee per year, mainly through reduced energy and travel costs.

  • 93kgCO2

    saved per person per year, the equivalent of a 19 hour long shower.

Supporters and Awards

Wayra UnLtd
LinkedIn for Good
The Young Foundation
Cabinet Office
Tellus Mater Foundation
Educate North
New Radicals
Crowdcube runner up
GreenGown Awards runner up

Our Story

A lot of businesses talk about their ‘journey’ in a metaphorical sense. Ours is a bit more literal…

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Part one: from London to Morocco to Companies House

In 2009, Hermione - DoNation’s CEO - cycled from London to Morocco.

With a passion for sustainability (and a Masters in Environmental Technology that focused on pledging and behaviour change), she decided to use the trip to test out an idea...

Unlike many traditional causes, the environment needs action much more than it needs cash. For example, did you know that 42% of the UK’s impact come from how we - as consumers, as employees, as citizens - behave?

So, instead of asking for traditional sponsorship, Hermione asked people to donate simple, sustainable actions to sponsor her trip - such as cycling to work or eating less meat. Which meant, instead of saving two flights’ worth of CO2 emissions, she saved the equivalent of 84’s worth!

The idea was a hit and became Donate by Doing. Since then, 5,000 people have made nearly 7,000 pledges supporting other people's challenges (you can read about a few of them here). That’s a saving of around 510 tonnes of carbon (or 1030 number of flights from London to New York).

But Donate by Doing was only the start of our journey.

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Part two: from individuals to businesses

In 2013 (after a few wrong turns and helpful prods in the right direction), Hermione had a bit of a lightbulb moment.

Could the principles of Donate by Doing be applied to the work environment, to help businesses reduce their impact? (Clue: the answer’s ‘yes, of course’).

People with exciting job titles - like Head of Sustainability and Green Champion - started using our platform to encourage their employees to commit to simple pledges - like cycling to work or turning off monitors.

Instead of running marathons or climbing mountains (or sponsoring colleagues to do similar challenges), employees were using our site to compete against each other in teams to see who could save the most carbon.

As more and more businesses started using the site, we realised it needed more features - like better customisation, communications and measurement. So we got to work. And, in the spirit of small change really adding up, we crowdfunded to reach the next level of our development.

Today, Do Good for Business is thriving - and we’re so excited to see how many businesses are inspiring their employees to live happier, healthier and more sustainable lives.

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Part three: from today to tomorrow…

We’re a small startup with a big idea: we want to create a world in which sustainability is mainstream and helps everyone live healthier, happier lives.

To achieve that vision, we’re helping people make small environmentally-friendly changes in their lives, which also inspire their friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

Because of the social nature of DoNation, our reach is growing fast and we’re on track to positively influence thousands of new people this year - and hundreds of thousands in the years to come.

We still have so many ideas about what’s next - from shiny new features, to exciting new markets.

We’d love you - or your business - to be a part of that journey. If you would too, please get in touch.

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Our Team

Hermione Taylor

Founding Director

Martin Warne

Chief Technical Officer

Jesy Cordell

Content Editor

Richard Parker

Commercial Director

Nick Beall

Marketing & Communications Manager

Jose Antonio Martin

Junior Web Developer

James Easterbrook

Marketing Advisor

Tom Pakenham

Business Advisor

Pete MacRobert

Tech Advisor

Julian Smith

Financial Advisor

We’re a Social Enterprise

DoNation is a social enterprise – that means we work like a normal business but with an equal focus on our social, environmental and financial bottom lines.

There are two legal entities: The Do Nation Enterprise is a business that runs Do Good for Business, our revenue-generating arm. We donate 10% of any profits to The Do Nation Project, which runs Donate by Doing - our not-for-profit arm (and soon to be a charity).