Tea time

Don't boil-over

Whether you're a devo-tea of a builder's brew, coffee or hot chocolate, it's time to put your mettle to the kettle. We are a nation of tea addicts, there's no denying it. We glug down about 165 million cups of tea a day, and 70 million cups of coffee, yet 2/3 of us boil far more water than we need.

Only boil what you need – any extra and you’re wasting time, money, and valuable energy.


Here's some great reasons why it's so important.

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You could save £7 a year from your electricity bills by only boiling what you need.1 Every little bit helps!


A watched kettle never boils… especially an overfilled one.  Why wait around for water you don't need to boil when you could be sitting supping a beautiful beverage?

30 million

litres of water are boiled every day in the UK only to go cold again.2

Climate change

Pretty straightforward really: unnecessary boiling = wasted electricity = easily avoidable carbon emissions.


It's not rocket science, just fill the kettle with what you need.

  • Do the tea call before you boil – check how many people you’re making for (and pick up brownie points while you’re at it).
  • To save you measuring the cup each time, why not draw a marker on your kettle (if it doesn’t already have one) showing how much is needed to fill your favourite mug?
  • Buy an energy efficient kettle making it nice and easy for you to only boil enough water for what you need. The Ethical Superstore have some great options.

Success Stories


in total



I used the spare water in my kettle to water my plants so it made me happy, so when I saw my flowers growing these days I was reminded of my pledge :)

Always boiled the kettle with the right amount of water a practice I have passed down to my kids

I now don't waste any water or extra electricity and it always is the little things that make a difference!

This is a good one - simple and easy to implement, not one I'd ever thought of.

This one went brilliantly. I pour water into my mug then into my kettle. I only boil what I use. :) Now I need to get better at using less water when I do my dishes. I use a basin, but I wonder what strategy I could still use to use less water... THANK YOU!

It was so easy to do, and it has made me think about water & energy use much more.

Rather than just filling kettle without thinking, it made me aware of how much I really needed.

Took a little while to break the habit of always having a full kettle but now conscientiously check beforehand to make sure I am only boiling enough water that is required.


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