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Inspire your friends, family, and colleagues to take action for our planet.

On Do Nation, you can run a campaign to raise pledges - pledges to do things like eating less meat, avoiding single use plastic, or switching to a renewable energy provider. Because we believe that making our world a better place is about actions, not cash.

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How it Works


Create your campaign

explain what you’re doing and why you’d like people to support you.


Share with friends

they pick from our menu of 50+ Do Actions, and pledge to try it for 2 months.


Watch the impact grow

we calculate how much carbon the pledges could save, and follow up to find out how they got on.

Ride the Change

The big UN Climate Conference, COP26, is going to be hosted in Glasgow in November 2021.

Along with our partners at Possible and Arup, and headline sponsors' Abel & Cole, we've pulled together around 200 cyclists to ride from London to Glasgow for COP26. We'll be building climate action, awareness, and a community of champions along the way.

Make a climate action pledge to support a rider here.

JoJo raised pledges in support of a mud run

JoJo figured that if she were to drag herself through a muddy obstacle course, her friends would probably agree to take their own simple planet-saving challenge. Through Do Nation, she asked them to support her by pledging to do things like eating less meat, taking shorter showers, or giving up a flight; together they made over 100 pledges.

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London to Paris flights worth of carbon


meals worth of food saved

Photo credit: @ameliaclaudia


flights of stairs climbed through Step up


less meat meals eaten

Roberta and Pete asked for pledges instead of wedding gifts

With a flat already full of possessions, Roberta and Pete decided ask friends and family to give action instead of wedding gifts. Their friends got on board and shared tales of their new veggie plot or cycle commute, grateful that they could contribute to the happy couple’s future without spending lots of money.

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Robbie Sutherland raised pledges for the MAD Seat Challenge

Climbing Arthur’s Seat repeatedly for 24 hours is a challenge well worthy of support. But Robbie felt reluctant to ask friends for cash, so asked them to support with action instead. Friends pledged to do health-boosting things like cycling to work and waking up the stairs, which triggered lots of great conversations about sustainability.

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cups brewed through Tea time


miles cycled through On yer bike

Why run a campaign?

All sorts of reasons drive people to raise pledges on Do Nation. Whatever your motive, we hope Do Nation can help you to inspire change within your circle of friends, and beyond.

Create a campaign

Passion for the environment and concern over what we’re doing to our beautiful planet.

A hope to encourage friends and family to reduce their impact, in a socially acceptable way, without coming across as too worthy or know-it-all.

A discomfort of asking for cold hard cash.

The need of support and encouragement through a challenging event or task - such as a marathon (and training for it!).

Eagerness to show the world that people really do care about our people and planet, and so encourage greater changes at business and government level.

Campaigns ideas

At first, campaigns were all for sporting challenges - marathons, triathlons, swims. Do Nation was born out of a big cycle ride, after all.

Over the years, people have used Do Nation for all sorts of things - from asking for pledges instead of birthday or wedding gifts, to sponsored silences and as ‘tickets’ for yoga classes.

Read our Interview with a Doer series on our blog.

Some top tips on running your campaign

1. Explain your why

When creating your campaign page, make sure you explain why you’re asking people for their support. Perhaps you really care about the environment, or you’re tired of asking people for sponsorship money, or maybe you just really need their support to get you through - whatever it is, tell them.

2. Start small, aim big

Before sharing your campaign far and wide, make a few pledges yourself. Ask some close friends to do the same. And then, once your campaign has been seeded with a few pledges, start asking far and wide. You’ll find most people far more eager to make a pledge if they’re not the first.

3. Be targeted

One blanket facebook message won’t change the world. If you want people to support you, you need to make it personal. If sharing your campaign through group messages, break them down into smaller groups, and tailor your message to them.

4. Ask, and ask again

Even the most eager and willing of people need nudging. Don’t be afraid to go back and ask again, to remind people that you (and the planet) need their support. Combine this with updates from your end to keep people interested too.

5. Thank people

Most importantly, don’t forget to thank people when they support you. Show them appreciation, and not only will they be more likely to keep to their pledge, but they might also help encourage a few friends to pledge too.