We're helping you help others to live healthier, happier, more sustainable lives.

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When lots of us commit to taking small actions, it adds up to make a big difference.

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Help your friends, family and employees to do more - for themselves, their communities and our world.

Start a Campaign

How it works

At Do Nation, we're all about action. Through our clever pledging platform, we help people adopt new behaviours that help to create a happier, healthier, more sustainable world.

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Create your program

In just minutes, set up your own personalised campaign, asking people to pledge to do one or more of our Do Actions - things like walking up the stairs, turning computers off at night, or wasting less food.

Attract and maintain interest

People pick from our menu of Do Actions, tailor their pledge, then share it on your campaign page. We send them handy tips and reminders; you see the support clock up.

Measure your impact

See the impact you’ve created through our clever reporting dashboards. Whether it’s the people engaged, carbon saved, or steps climbed that floats your boat, be sure to get the data you need.

People are using Do Nation in many different ways -

at home, at work and everywhere in between...

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Do Nation is helping Informa to meet its sustainability targets and engage its employees around the world.

In the run up to COP21, innocent drinks are showing how their employees' small actions can add up to make a big difference.

Rich and Hermione are cycling to Paris, raising support from friends through actions instead of cash.

Meet Do Nation

Behaviour change is much easier when you have the right tools for the job. That's where we come in.

Knowledge and insight

We have academic, technical and professional expertise in behaviour change. And, having facilitated thousands of pledges, we’ve learnt what works (and what just gets in the way).

Our system works

Our pledging platform is built on all that knowledge and insight, and incorporates the key features and interventions required for effective behaviour change.


We don’t hug trees and eat tofu (well, not all of us), but our team is 100% committed to our mission to make sustainable living mainstream.

Our Clients

Some fantastic companies and universities have used Do Nation.

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