Smart drive

Smart drive


CO2 pledged

Drive with smooth style

Drive less like a boy racer, more like a real racer. Keep down the revs to get more miles out of your tank and start to drive with the smooth style of Jenson Button.

By driving smoothly, steadily and stylishly, removing any excess baggage, easing off the air con and keeping your car well serviced you could save £220 a year at the pump. You’ll also increase the lifespan of your car, improve safety and could reduce emissions by up to 35%.


Driving more efficiently can save you £220 a year1– that’s not to be sniffed at.


more fuel is used when driving at 80mph instead of 70mph.

Climate change

Road transport in the UK produces around a quarter of our national CO2 emissions. By driving a little more efficiently you can dramatically reduce your fuel use, saving up to 440 kgCO2 a year – the equivalent of driving the 620 miles from London to Geneva!2


Driving smoothly and steadily means driving safely. We all like safer roads.


We all know it – exhaust pipes stink. They’re not exactly prime producers of fine fresh country air. But by improving the efficiency of your car you’ll also help reduce its impact on your local environment. Happy days!

Energy Saving Trust break the tips down well, giving explanations for each:

  1. Accelerate and brake smoothly: keep your eyes on the road ahead and a safe distance from the vehicle in front so that you can anticipate speed changes and traffic lights. This should cut your fuel use by about 10%.
  2. Remove the junk from your trunk and any unnecessary roof racks or boxes, making your car as light and aerodynamic as possible.
  3. Service your car regularly and keep tyres well inflated. This will make your car safer and more fuel efficient.
  4. Use air con sparingly – up to 25% of your fuel is used to power it! However, because of the drag produced when driving at high speed, it is more efficient to use the AC than opening the windows.
  5. Keep to 60mph on the motorway and you could save 9% at the pump.