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Shower power

Take shorter showers

James Bond took cold showers to 'harden himself up'; the Spartans thought warm water was for the weak and unmanly. But there are plenty of other reasons to take shorter, cooler showers: saving time, money, and energy for starters.

On average we spend 8 or 9 minutes a day in the shower, making up about 12% of our water usage and costing up to £918 a year.


Here's some great reasons why it's so important.

Click on one for more info or just scroll down to read them all.


Whilst water is everywhere – it covers 70% of the Earth's surface and it seems to fall from the British skies endlessly – less than 1% of it is drinkable. And we use a lot of that precious 1% in our showers.

With the exception of Belgium and Cyprus, the UK has less water available per person than any other EU country. Even more surprising – the south east of England has less water per capita than the Sudan or Syria. Our average daily shower can easily use more water per minute than a person in Africa might have for a whole day. 70% more water is used per person per day now than forty years ago.1

10 litres

of water a minute are used by the average shower.


Reducing the time you spend in the shower means you get to lie in bed longer or read an extra few pages of your book…. You choose!


Many people swear by the health benefits of taking a cold shower, the list of benefits they are meant to bring is endless: improved circulation, increased metabolism, relief of depression, healthy skin and hair, strengthened immunity, increased fertility and increased energy and well-being.2


It's a no brainer. Shorter showers mean less to pay on your water bill. Simple.


Cooler: Turn the heat down, take a slightly cooler shower.

Shorter: Get yourself a shower timer or simply time yourself by singing your favourite (short) song as you wash. Check if you can get a free one from Save Water Save Money to make those minutes count.

More efficient: Power showers use a huge amount more water than traditional showers; for the same powerful effect with half the water usage, invest in an aerated or low-flow shower head.

Success Stories


in total



Easy as apple pie.

I even got the family on board to have quicker showers and as a result our water meter reading is lower and our monthly bill reduced :)

Made me realise I really don't need to be in the shower as long - get slightly longer in bed and helping save water / energy at the same time!

I've definitely reduced the heat and am consciously taking shorter showers.

It was agood way of saving water; quite easy as well!

Cutting back to just 5 minutes in the shower has been pretty awesome I now have way more time in the morning.

Realised don't need to have such long showers, so am more conscious of time and amount of water used now. :) Will definitely stick to new regime.

The only way I could achieve this is to set my alarm later so I have no choice but to jump in and out!

I'm usually in a rush anyway, however, used to leave shower running before I got in - made me more aware of not leaving it on too long before!


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