How it Works

At Do Nation, we help people commit to make small behaviour changes that add up to a better world.

Like cycling to work, driving more efficiently, eating less meat or turning the thermostat down a notch.

You can either make a pledge yourself, or start a campaign - at home or at work - to raise pledges from friends, family and colleagues.

How others are using Do Nation

Engaging employees at ERM

ERM wanted to help its employees reduce their environmental footprint and improve their health and wellbeing, while measuring and sharing the results.

  • 55% of employees took part
  • 48% felt more proud of what ERM is doing to tackle sustainability
  • 35% felt part of a community making a difference together

"Now climbing 11 floors a day (and those are double floors!) Great for my fitness and bum. Thanks Do Nation"

- Megan, doing Step up

Green Week pledges at UCLan

University of Central Lancashire was running a Green Week and wanted to engage with students and staff and measure the impact.

  • 267 people made 403 pledges
  • 11,798kg of CO2 saved
  • 2/3 of participants improved their wellbeing

"Absolutely loved doing this!!! It really made me think about the amount of plastic we as a society use, I have changed what I buy because of this"

Steven Seymour, Fantastic unplastic.

Raising sponsorship through action

Alan Hayes ran the London Marathon and wanted to have do it for a cause he cared about - sustainability. He realised that the environment needs our action more than our cash, so asked people to donate by doing.

  • 54 pledges of support
  • 1,500 hours of shining light bulbs saved by people doing Lights off
  • 2,496 kg CO2 saved - as much as 14 flights from London to Glasgow

"Do Nation has this wonderful disruptive quality – once someone engages and makes a pledge, the behaviour may stick and may be propagated."

- Alan Hayes

An alternative gift list

Lindsay and Paul were getting married; they had everything they needed and so instead of setting up a wedding gift list, they decided to break tradition and ask friends for pledges, not presents.

  • 19 guests made pledges, together doing 42 pledges
  • People pledging Do diet ate 104 less chocolate bars and donuts
  • 574 more seasonal meals were eaten by people pledging Eat seasonably

"Paul and I wanted to make our wedding as environmentally friendly as we could. We wanted to give our friends and family the option of giving us a gift which had a positive effect on the environment. And this is where the Do Nation came in!"

- Lindsay

Make a Pledge

Here’s how to make a personal pledge - either in support of a friend, colleague or other specific campaign - or just because you want to!

Choose a campaign

Search for your friend or employer, or browse through all our campaigns.

Pick a pledge

Go to the campaign page and take your pick from our 45+ Do Actions.

Keep at it

Read our advice on how to get started, receive our friendly reminders to help you stick at it, and give it a go.

Report back

Let us know how you got on and decide whether you’ll stick to your pledge for good.

Start a Campaign to Raise Pledges

Our biggest potential for positive impact comes when we inspire those around us to take action too.

Whether you’re trying to get your mates to green up, cut carbon at your university, or build a culture of sustainability across your business, Do Nation is here to help.

Check out our list of upcoming events for some good opportunities to launch your campaign.



Create a basic pledge campaign, perfect for personal use or for trials within your organisation.

Best for:

  • individuals and small teams

  • raising support for challenges or events

  • alternative gift lists


£1/ employee / month

Professional platform, introducing impact measurement, team competition, and enhanced customisation.

Best for:

  • businesses and universities

  • ongoing engagement programs

  • green weeks and events


Customised campaign pages

You'll get your own campaign page from where your supporters can make and share their pledges. Customise it to meet your needs, and share it with those you’d like to excite and engage.

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Measure your impact

We make it easy to measure your ongoing impact. As people make pledges, we’ll estimate the cumulative carbon, water and waste their actions will save. We’ll adjust that figure to make it more accurate as each supporter reports on how they got on.

Supporting your supporters

Changing a behaviour is hard! We'll make sure your supporters have everything they need to complete their pledges. Each of our 45+ Do Actions comes with its own fun, informative and carefully timed set of emails, tips and collection of online resources.

Top the leaderboard

A bit of healthy competition will make your campaign irresistible. Leaderboards rank teams by number of pledges made, carbon savings pledged or carbon savings confirmed. To level the playing field if your team sizes vary, you can sort these rankings according to total or per person.

Live reporting dashboard

All the Do Nation data you could ever desire, beautifully presented, all in one place and - best of all - available in real time. Dig into patterns and trends, and geek out with custom charts that measure pledges made over time, popularity of Do Actions, overall completion rates, long term habits created... and a lot more.

Fine tune your campaign

Want to focus your organisation’s pledges on a certain area - like food, travel or lifestyle? You can curate a tailored list of Do Actions for supporters to choose from.

Refresh your campaign

Worried your campaign will run out of steam? Fear not: we’ll help you keep things fresh by prompting you to change your prioritised Do Actions and (if relevant) reset your leaderboard.

Embed it into your website

We'll help you share your campaign online via a wide range of channels. Our nifty widgets are a great way to embed a little snapshot of your progress onto your website, blog or intranet.

Bring your launch to life

Our starter pack (containing goodies such as Do Action booklets, a wall-totaliser, badges and posters) will help your campaign get off to a flying start.

Regular, shareable updates

Weekly summary of recent activity and stats on overall impact will ensure you’re always up to date. Share them far and wide for maximum momentum with minimum effort.

Measure broader impact

Most Do Actions are about more than just carbon. We also measure their water and waste-to-landfill savings, and follow up with supporters on the broader impact of their pledges, such as health, wellbeing, and (where relevant) their attitude towards your company. This is all displayed on your reporting dashboards.

Slick 'n' simple pledging

Making pledges has to be simple, smooth, and enjoyable - otherwise, let’s face it, who’ll bother? Facebook login, human-centered pledge forms, and the ability for supporters to add a range of pledges to their ‘basket’ before making their final commitment are just a few examples of how we’re achieving this.

Manage and monitor supporters

Knowing who's doing what on your Do Nation campaign is really helpful. Your supporters can sign up with one click (using holding accounts you’ve created for them), and we provide live reporting on your ongoing participation rate.

Show off your business impact

Create a public profile page for your organisation with your own logo, banner and description. Your pledges and impact will automatically update here - so you can share your progress with anyone you like.


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