The time for action is now.

There's no better way to create impact and build support for your business' sustainability efforts than through action.

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Run an employee pledge challenge, drive healthier habits for your people and your planet.

Do Nation takes care of the impact measurement, follow-up, and education, allowing you to run an effective behaviour change programme whether or not you're an expert in environmental behaviour change.

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Cut your environmental impact through action

Using a reusable shopping bag, switching to a renewable energy provider, video conferencing instead of flying - all of our actions have an impact on our planet.

Your employees make their pledges; Do Nation automatically measures their impact in terms of carbon, water, and waste saved. We take into account a user's previous behaviour, and follow up after two months to find out how they got on.

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It's good to be part of something bigger, it was nice to know others were doing something. I usually feel I'm the only one who cares about the environment. - Maggie

Happier, healthier employees

Sustainability isn't just about carbon. Most of the actions listed on Do Nation have wider impacts too, notably to our health and wellbeing. In fact, 68% of users report improved health or wellbeing.

Cycling to work, eating less meat, reading up about sustainable innovations in your industry, and simply being part of a community of people taking positive action together. They're all things that can make people feel better - physically and mentally.

And employees who feel better tend to work better too.

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Get your people excited about sustainability

Nothing gets people talking like action. On average, each person talks to six people about their pledge and the programme - conversations that help to drive awareness and build a culture of sustainability.

By engaging staff in sustainability, they're more likely to factor it into their own work – unlocking significant innovations and commitments. For example, after pledging to use a reusable water bottle himself, a Network Rail director committed to phasing out the use of 100,000's water bottles on their sites.

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Attract, develop, and retain talent

A steady stream of research shows that people increasingly want to work for a company that cares about its impact.

77% of our users say that the pledge challenge left them feeling more proud of their company and it's sustainability work. That's gold.

Leadership skills are also developed by team leaders and champions, as it offers great opportunities for them to hone project planning, communications, and influencing skills.

So all in all, it's an HR manager's dream.

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Save money

It's not the main reason you're doing this, obviously, but it's a nice side effect. Whether by reducing travel costs, landfill taxes, or energy bills - behaviour change saves money. Simple.

In fact, the Carbon Trust estimates that workplace behaviour change programmes reduce energy costs by 10% on average.

Happy, healthy, and proud employees are also more productive and loyal. That's a lot harder to attach a price tag to, but our sense is that it's a big one.

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How it Works


Customise campaign pages

add your branding and tailor the Do Action menu to mirror your priorities


Set up a leaderboard

use environmental champions and a bit of friendly team competition to drive participation


Launch the challenge

shout about the programme internally, using our handy suite of comms tools


Employees take action

they pick pledges that suit their own lifestyles, and commit to trying them for 2 months


Delve into the data

we measure the pledged carbon, water and waste savings, and follow up to confirm how users got on

"The Do Nation team was always amazing, offering support and advice at every step of the campaign. I'd gladly recommend Do Nation to future groups as they are changing the game for raising awareness and creating change!"

Lizzie at The University of Edinburgh

How much does it cost?


£1/ employee / month

Professional platform allowing you to easily and effectively engage employees in sustainability.

Ideal for smaller organisations. Includes basic customisation, leaderboards, and impact dashboards.

  • Organisation profile showing cumulative impact
  • Customisable campaign pages where staff record pledges
  • Complete list 50+ Do Actions offered to your employees
  • Priority Do Actions can be customised to suit your needs
  • Measured carbon, water, and waste savings for all pledges
  • Tips and advice emailed to all users about their pledges
  • Team leaderboards, sortable by a range of metrics, balanced for varying team size
  • Secure user management portal to invite staff to pledge & control access
  • Real-time impact dashboards showing pledged and confirmed data and stats
  • Weekly impact updates sent straight to your inbox
  • Live pledge feed and widgets for digitally sharing your programme
  • Supporting comms materials including posters and presentation templates
  • Automated monthly card payments


£2/ employee / month + £850 set up fee

Introduces greater customisation, reporting, and access to dedicated support from our team.

Ideal for organisations with 100+ employees or those looking for closer integration with their sustainability strategy.

  • All Pro features, plus…
  • Dedicated account manager to advise on programme design & set up
  • Launch presentation delivered to your staff or team leaders (by video call)
  • Pledge data downloads including supporter email addresses, opt-in dependent
  • In-depth impact data each quarter analysing survey responses (wellbeing, pride etc.)
  • Full customisation of Do Action menu, with ability to remove any from the list
  • Custom URL e.g.
  • Bespoke impact stat for targets e.g. ‘bananas worth of carbon’
  • Payable by invoice (monthly or quarterly)
  • Managed on-boarding (responding to security questionnaires, bespoke procurement requirements etc)



A bespoke sub-site to suit your enterprise level programme.

Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quote.

  • Your choice of features from Pro and Plus versions, as well as the options of
  • Private sub site accessible only to your employees
  • Customised Do Action content e.g. info on your own cycle to work scheme.
  • New Do Actions bespoke to your business needs & operations
  • White-labelled platform to better reflect your brand and aims

*2 week no-commitment free trial. We will only ask for billing details at the end, if you decide to upgrade. Under the free trial you have access to all the features of Do Nation Pro, but are limited to inviting 10 people to support your campaigns. More details on the Free Trial in our FAQ.

We recommend a minimum of 3 month subscription - that allows time for pledges to be made, carried out (2 months) and confirmed, while leaving you time to access the data at the end.

Discounts are available for larger programmes. University and event pricing options also available. Contact us for more info.

All prices are subject to VAT.


We're a registered recipient of 1% for the Planet, so if you're a member your subscription can count towards your 1% for the Planet donation.

Non-Profit or Community Group?

We want you to be able to benefit from our online pledge platform, to be able to use our technology to engage you audience in meaningful and lasting behaviour change. So we're giving away free subscriptions to the most promising projects. Could that be you?

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