Inspire your friends, family and colleagues to take action for our planet.

How it works.

Create your campaign

Explain what you're doing and why you'd like people to support you.

Add text and an image to your page to bring your campaign to life.

Share with friends

Share your campaign page link with your friends and family.

From there they can choose to pledge to one of our 60+ Do Actions.

See your impact

We show how much carbon your campaign could save.

Then we ask your supporters to confirm after 2 months and calculate the final impact.

Tips for a successful campaign.

Follow our tried and tested tips for raising pledges instead of cash for sports challenges, weddings, birthdays and more.

Campaign ideas.

At first, campaigns were all for sporting challenges - marathons, triathlons and swims. Do Nation was born out of a big cycle ride, after all.

Over the years, people have used Do Nation for all sorts of things - from asking for pledges instead of birthday or wedding gifts, to sponsored silences and as 'tickets' for yoga classes.

Pledge raising in our community.

Marlon's big walk

Walking 330 miles of the Cornish coast gave Marlon a great excuse to ask colleagues and friends to make a pledge or three.

Pledges not gifts

Instead of a wedding list, Roberta and Pete asked friends and family to give actions instead of wedding gifts.

Actions, not cash

Robbie Sutherland climbed Arthur's Seat repeatedly for 24 hours and preferred asking his network to pledge actions, not cash, to support him.