How it Works: Individuals

You're here because you want to use Do Nation to inspire others to take action for a healthier, happier and more sustainable world. Because, like us, you believe that making the world a better place is about actions, not cash.


You want to ask your friends and family to support you - not with money, but with action.


So you create a campaign page that explains what you’re doing and why.


Then you share it and watch the pledges roll in. That impact? You created it. Those good habits? Down to you.

Meet the Doers

Everyone using Do Nation wants to inspire their friends and family to take action.

We can take care of the action bit: the inspiration is down to you...

Making waves

Alex did the Great North Swim. He does that kind of thing a lot. This time round, he didn’t want to ask his supporters for money. Instead, he asked for action.

26 people pledged to support him on Do Nation - including his whole team who started walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift to their office - on the 9th floor! Their small actions added up to 2,002 kg of CO2 saved - that’s about 11 flights from London to Glasgow.

"What a great idea. It's made me think more about the issues. I'll gladly do my bit for the cause."

- Grant, pledging Tea time

Read more about his swim here

Marathon motivation

Having swung a place on the London Marathon ballot, Hannah found herself facing hours of long training runs, right through the depths of winter. She needed motivation.

The environment is something that she cares passionately about, so what better form of motivation than knowing that each step was helping to inspire someone to try out a new habit, shifting towards a more sustainable lifestyle?

Through her campaign on Do Nation, 43 friends supported Hannah - from Dave who pledged to Walk on, to her boyfriend Jonny who pledged to do Veg out, going cold-turkey free for two months.

"Good luck Hannah!!! Will aim to eat meat only at the weekends! Not going to be easy, but nor is running a marathon!"

- Rach, pledging Veg out.

Read more about it here

Giving change

Lindsay and Paul were getting married; they had everything they needed and so instead of setting up a wedding gift list, they decided to break tradition and ask friends for pledges, not presents.

  • 19 guests made pledges, together doing 42 pledges
  • People pledging Do diet ate 104 less chocolate bars and donuts
  • 574 more seasonal meals were eaten by people pledging Eat seasonably

"Paul and I wanted to make our wedding as environmentally friendly as we could. We wanted to give our friends and family the option of giving us a gift which had a positive effect on the environment. And this is where the Do Nation came in!"

- Lindsay


Customised campaign pages

You'll get your own campaign page from where your supporters can make and share their pledges. Customise it to meet your needs, and share it with those you’d like to excite and engage.

Measure your impact

We make it easy to measure your ongoing impact. As people make pledges, we’ll estimate the cumulative carbon, water and waste their actions will save. We’ll adjust that figure to make it more accurate as each supporter reports on how they got on.

Supporting your supporters

Changing a behaviour is hard! We'll make sure your supporters have everything they need to complete their pledges. Each of our 45+ Do Actions comes with its own fun, informative and carefully timed set of emails, tips and collection of online resources.

Embed it into your website

We'll help you share your campaign online via a wide range of channels. Our nifty widgets are a great way to embed a little snapshot of your progress onto your website, blog or intranet.

Slick 'n' simple pledging

Making pledges has to be simple, smooth, and enjoyable - otherwise, let’s face it, who’ll bother? Facebook login, human-centered pledge forms, and the ability for supporters to add a range of pledges to their ‘basket’ before making their final commitment are just a few examples of how we’re achieving this.

Top Tips

A few tips and tricks to get you started

We spoke to a few of our past campaign owners - and had a think ourselves - about how to make a campaign as inspiring and successful as possible.

Why are you doing this?

When creating your pledge page, make sure you explain why you’re asking people for their support. Perhaps you really care about the environment, or you’re tired of asking people for sponsorship money, or maybe you just really need their support to get you through whatever crazy challenge you’ve signed up for!

Tell a story.

Telling a story about your motivation will make your campaign more appealing - make it personal, use photos, and don’t be afraid to ramp up the emotions!

Make your supporters feel good.

When you ask your friends and family to make a pledge, make sure they understand just how important their support is. Make it clear. Donating actions instead of money is quite a new idea. When asking people for their support, try to explain the pledge process as clearly and simply as possible - we can help with this bit!

Ben and Jerry's

Doer of the Month

A year’s supply of Fairtrade ice cream!

To celebrate our most enthusiastic and inspirational Doers, every month we reward the person or team who collects the most pledges with a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's!

Here's our most recent Doer of the month. Could you be the next? Get some inspiration by checking out our previous Doers of the month.

Terms and conditions apply

Ben and Jerry'sBen and Jerry'sBen and Jerry'sBen and Jerry'sBen and Jerry's

Jon Moore: changing job, changing habits

This isn't our usual campaign. Jon wasn't running a marathon, cycling 100km, or getting married. He was simply starting a new job. But this life change gave him a chance to reflect on things, and inspired him to ask friends to make a pledge to have an impact together. It goes to show - we can all make a difference in our own way.


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