Finding an event to hook your employee wellbeing or sustainability programme around is a great shout. It helps to give you some focus while making your employees feel like they’re part of something far bigger. Empowering stuff!

Below are some events we've picked out as good opportunities for businesses to get involved.

Whether you're looking to build workplace culture, support employee health and wellbeing, or raise your profile as a sustainable business, there should be something for you.

B Corp September SDG Challenge

Following the great success of our B Corp / Good Deeds Day challenge in April, we’ll be running another challenge for B Corps throughout September: which B Corp’s staff can make (and keep!) the most pledges?

This time, the theme of the challenge is the Sustainable Development Goals, encouraging staff to take personal action towards the SDGs. Find out more about how Do Nation will tie in to the SDGs here.

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World Environment Day: 5th June 2017

World Environment Day sets out to raise global awareness of the importance of our natural environment and to encourage people to take positive environmental action. It is led by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and takes place every year on 5 June.

If you are looking to raise awareness and action around your workplace for World Environment Day, why not make life a little easier for yourself by using Do Nation? Through our online platform you can create your own customised pledge campaign in minutes, complete with comprehensive advice, impact measurement, and even interactive leaderboards.

Download our Guide to running a Green Week, it has some great tips.

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Earth Day: 22nd April 2017

Earth Day is a global movement in it's 47th year, raising awareness and action around critical environmental issues from reforestation to fossil fuel divestment.

It creates a good opportunity to engage staff in sustainability. Raise pledges during the build up to the day itself (which falls on a Saturday this year); watch them turn into long term habits over the following months, thanks to our carefully designed reminders and reporting dashboards.

It may be a day, not a week, but our guide to running a Green Week could come in handy.

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Good Deeds Day: 31st March 2017

Good Deeds Day is a global day where people from 75 countries come together to do good deeds for the benefit of others and the planet. 1.5million people participated in 2016. It is based on the simple idea that everyone can do something good, be it large or small, to improve the lives of others and change the world positively.

Get involved by making a pledge to do one of our Do Actions. There are over 50 to choose from, all simple habits that are good for the health of people and planet.

If you work at a B Corp, why not sign up to Do Nation Pro and get your colleagues to join in with our Good Deeds Day challenge? We’re pitting B Corps against each other to see whose staff can make the most pledges and save the most carbon around Good Deeds Day.

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Fairtrade Fortnight: 27th February - 12th March 2017

Use these two weeks to put supply chains and procurement into the spotlight. You may be working hard on this at a business level, but what are your employees doing in their personal lives, and are they aware of your efforts?

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Go Green Week: 13th - 18th February 2017

If your university is taking part in People & Planet's Go Green Week or running it's own green week independently: ask staff and students to record pledges during the week itself and watch the pledges turn into habits over the following months, thanks to our carefully designed reminders and reporting dashboards.

Download our Guide to running a Green Week.

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Feel free to suggest other events.

How it works:

1. Create your campaign page

Create a campaign customised to your business’s needs in just minutes. Explain why you’re asking for pledges and pick your own priority Do Actions.


Pledges confirmed:

CO2 pledged: kg

CO2 confirmed: kg

Pledges per person:

Pledges confirmed per person:

CO2 pledged per person: kg

CO2 confirmed per person: kg

2. Join a leaderboard or create your own

Ranking teams against each other to see who can complete the most pledges, and to show their collective impact.

3. Start raising pledges

Your employees pledge to do one or more actions that suit their lifestyles. We send them handy tips and reminders to keep them motivated.


in total




Everests climbed through Step up


Chickens saved through Veg out

4. Report on the habits formed

After two months, users confirm how they got on and we dig into deeper impact, sharing insights and data with you.


The lovely small print

For some events, we may run competitions between organisations or users, to see which can make the most pledges and save the most carbon, water or waste. The terms and conditions may vary between each of these, and will be listed below.


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