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The cycle to COP26

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The big UN Climate Conference, COP26, is going to be hosted in Glasgow in 2021.

We're going to cycle there, building climate action, awareness, and a community of champions along the way. Will you join us? With the COP26 dates confirmed as 1st - 12th November, we'll be cycling over the last week of October. (Covid-19 update below)

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The greatest danger to our future is apathy." – Jane Goodall

Goals of the ride

Aside from simply having a fun adventure while exploring the UK by bike, we have three direct goals for the ride:

1. To raise climate action

through riders asking for support through climate action pledges instead of cash. Everyone taking part will get their own page on Do Nation where they can see the impact they raise, and how that contributes to the collective impact of the ride. Check out the MAD Seat event page for an example of how that works.

2. To build awareness

of positive climate solutions. We'll organise talks and film screenings each evening of the ride, so that you arrive in Glasgow with a strong knowledge of climate action, not just strong legs. This part will be coordinated in partnership with Possible.

3. To create a community

of climate champions, with people joining from across industries and communities all with a shared passion for climate action. Sharing the challenge of a multi-day ride is an incredible way to build relationships and share knowledge.

Underlying all of these is our desire to influence policy makers across the UK - through sharing stories, lessons, and impact data from the ride, we hope to add to the momentum driving forward ambitious and meaningful action at COP26.

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Some general info

We're aiming to have around 100 people riding with us from London to Glasgow, with others joining along the route - either in Oxford, Manchester, or just for a one day leg.

We'll be riding roughly 70 miles (110km) a day, over 7 or 8 days - so this ride isn't for the faint hearted.

We plan to leave London on 24th October, arriving in Glasgow on 31st - just in time for the start of the conference which will run from 1st - 12th November.

We'll be confirming this and further details about the route, accommodation, and pricing options nearer the time.

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I've yet to find a platform that makes it as easy (or explains the impact) to make positive changes as well as Do Nation. And I love the idea of pledging actions not cash." - Paul Coverdale

... a few last details

We'll publish costs once further details have been confirmed. We're aiming to keep costs as low as possible, while also providing enough comfort to enable you to make the journey within a week (we don't all have unlimited annual leave, sadly!). After 110km of pedalling, we think most people will want a bed - so we're aiming to stay in a mixture of hostels and hotels.

Businesses can get a team of employees to cycle, gaining access to the features of Do Nation Pro as part of the business package.

In order to make costs accessible to as wide a range of riders as possible, we're seeking sponsorship from like minded, climate-conscious companies to help subsidise the costs. If you're interested, please get in touch for more info.

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Covid-19 update:

We are still planning to go ahead with this ride in October 2021 and are keeping a close eye on the situation regarding Covid. We hope to open up ticket sales in Spring or early Summer 2021, but will email out updates as they arise.

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