Voice up


If there’s anything we’ve learned from the internet era, it’s that everyone has a right to a voice. So if you’ve got a burning desire to voice your passion, draw attention to an issue, or talk about something you’ve learned, then do it!

Blogs, internal presentations, podcasts – it doesn’t matter what form it takes, just get out there and express yourself!



Sharing your interests, knowledge, and opinions with your colleagues, your friends, and the wider world can do a lot. It can raise awareness of an important issue, help improve understanding of a misunderstood area, or simply provide the solidarity of knowing that someone else out there shares your interests as you.

It’s all too easy to live within the echo chamber of our social media feeds and our close peers, but sharing and discussing views with people who may have differing opinions is also critical to creating cohesive communities - as well as helping you to develop a solid, well rounded understanding of those things you care about.


You can make your voice heard in all sorts of ways:

1. Give a presentation to your company, classmates or community. Whether it’s on your favourite hobby, an idea you’re passionate about sharing, or that big project you’ve been working on for the last few months – share it. If time’s tight, why not make it a breakfast or lunch-time talk?

If you’re using a slide deck, how about sharing it online afterwards using SlideShare?

2. Write a blog. If you don’t have a workplace blog to contribute to, sign up to Medium. There are 100’s of articles out there on “ten tips for your first blog” etc, but our recommendation would simply to get started and see what sticks.

3. Film a vlog. Either for your workplace’s internal social network or simply get yourself set up on YouTube.

4. Record a podcast. Check out this thorough guide to setting up your own podcast series.

5. Or simply become an active member of an online forum.