Shower power

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We get it - a nice shower is a surefire way to improve your mood or come up with your best ideas. Lots of Eureka moments have happened in the bathroom.

70% of our daily water usage happens in the shower, costing the average family up to £918 a year.

Interestingly, less than 1% of our global water is drinkable, so we are wasting precious resources while belting out tunes in the bathroom.

Would you spare a few minutes of wash time to conserve this finite, precious resource? It's the green thing to do.



For People

Cold showers have a loooong list of benefits, including improved circulation, increased metabolism, reduced anxiety and depression, reduced pain, healthier skin and hair, strengthened immunity and increased energy and well-being.

Shorter, cooler showers mean money in the bank. The water used in long showers alone, without heating, can cost up to £70 per person per year. The cherry on top? Think of the extra time you’ll save; enough to be able to do your stretches, journaling, or hit snooze again.

For Planet
As wet and rainy as the UK is, it is already experiencing water shortages.

The way we get through water is inefficient and excessive. The average Brit’s shower is 4 times what a person in Africa uses in a day.

As much of the earth is covered by water, only 0.007% of this water is drinkable. We consume gallons of this fraction in the bathroom.


This one isn't rocket science, but there are a surprising number of tips and tricks to help save you money and time.
Be cool
Turn your average shower temperature down a few degrees, and end showers with a burst of cold water to boost your health. You can also turn the boiler down so the shower doesn’t heat above certain temperatures.

Time it
Time your showers. You can use a timer or some music. Can you keep each shower to the duration of one song on our Spotify playlist?

Flow it
Change your shower head. Traditional showers have the same powerful effect as Power showers, but use half less water.

Share it
Share a shower with your loved ones and save on water usage. Just remember to keep it short!

Stop it
Stop the water when you don’t need it, Navy-style, while you’re lathering or busting out some moves, then turn it back on to rinse.


Anglian Water

Showering uses nearly as much water as showering and bathing.

Cold shower benefits

Thames Water

Clean water crisis

Average daily water use per person in Africa is 47 litres (FAO). The average UK shower is 8 mins (Edie) . Water flow of typical showers varies between 6 and 13 litres / minute (