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Reduce the junk mail you receive

Maybe there are some people out there who are dying to know about the latest tandoori chicken takeaway offers in their neighbourhood or yet another credit card promo. We don't know, we don't want to generalise. But the estimated 2.7 billion pieces of junk mail in the UK1 which slide through our collective letter boxes are a real nuisance and an eye sore, not to mention taking their toll on Mother Nature too!


Here are a few reasons to take action.

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Our Forests

We all know that paper comes from trees, and those leaflets are no exception. They come through our door, often to be thrown straight into the bin. That translates into a lot of graceful 30 year old trees being felled2 for no reason at all.


Producing and using the ink to make that glossy look on those leaflets coughs out a lot of nasty stuff in order to optimise its performance properties, such as mercury.3 Not very nice at all to the environment!

Reduce clutter

Why not spare yourself the daily annoyance of sorting out the junk from your mail and just get the letters that matter? It’s not like you use them to decorate your house or anything.

Global Goals

12.5: By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse

12.8: By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature

13.3: Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning

15.2: By 2020, promote the implementation of sustainable management of all types of forests, halt deforestation, restore degraded forests and substantially increase afforestation and reforestation globally


This is a super-duper easy action!

  1. Register with Mail Preference Service and they will take you off all the direct mail industry databases. Don’t worry, you will still get the mail you want, just no more junk! Just sign up here. (Note it can take about 4 months for it to have its full effect)
  2. If you still get the odd bit of junk mail, make a direct complaint on the MPS website.
  3. Put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your letterbox to stop the flyers. It might not work 100% of the time, but hey it’s a start.

Success Stories


in total



No junk equals less stress

I also put a non junk mail sticker on the gate of my building. Achieved a lot more than i expected!

I continue my fight against Junk Mail

I didn't sign up to the mail preference service, but cancelled 26 lots of junk mail coming into the office. I'll be continuing with this, both at home and at work.