Lift share

Share unavoidable journeys

Limousine, minivan or three-wheeler, if you've got an empty seat in your car then why not fill it with a friendly face and share your journey with someone going in the same direction as you?

There are millions of empty seats on our roads every day; by filling one of them you could ease congestion, make a new friend, and reduce your carbon footprint – all on your way to work.


Here are a few reasons to take action.

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A massive 86% of car commuters drive alone,1 but sharing journeys means no more miserable Monday mornings. It’s a great way to meet new people - you might even make a friend.

A recent study by BlaBlaCar showed that 87% of car-sharers had an enriching exchange with their ride sharers, either through learning about new topics, exchanging experiences, or getting a fresh perspective.5

You might even get to enjoy some carpool karaoke, James Corden style.


With petrol prices soaring ever higher, sharing a lift can give your wallet a much-needed break. If you travel 10 miles to work every day, sharing journeys could save you £667 per year.3 Nuff said.


Over a quarter of the UK's carbon emissions come from transport4 - our journeys are having a huge impact on the Earth's climate. Sharing your commute could save over a tonne of CO2 per year, the equivalent of a return flight from London to New York.

And cars release a host of other noxious pollutants. Share your journey and improve the atmosphere for everyone.


On average, there are just 1.2 people in each commuting car.1 Sharing journeys means less traffic on the roads and more spaces in the car park.

Global Goals

In September 2017, a historic agreement was signed by UN member nations agreeing to work towards 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, otherwise known as the SDGs.

Achieving these ambitious goals will require action from governments, businesses, NGOs, and individuals alike. We can - and must - all play our part.

By making this pledge, you are contributing in your own small way to the following SDG targets:

12.8: By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature

13.3: Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning



There are two types of journeys that really lend themselves to being shared:

1. One-off, longer trips such as moving to uni, heading to a festival, or going on holiday. Often these trips are posted quite last minute, and you may need to be a bit flexible on timing.

  • Bla Bla Car offers lifts like this all over Europe (including UK)
  • goCarShare is more UK focused, with partnerships with many festivals.

2. Regular, shorter trips like commutes and school runs. You don't have to live near your colleagues - there are loads of schemes that make it easy to find people going in the right direction. Those listed above are worth checking out, as well as:

  • LiftShare which is the longest running ride share site in the UK, reaching across Europe too, and really specialising in workplace lift share schemes.

Success Stories


in total



Saving money as well:-)

Having this pledge in the back of my mind at all times made me more focused when getting into the car, on ensuring that we made the most of using one car instead of two.

Sharing going to meetings, unable to find anyone to share locally.

I completed 80% of the time period, except for when I did not drive to /work in the office.

Getting to work is ok. Getting together in the evening to return home is difficult and time consuming due to rush hour traffic.

Car shared with colleagues on every journey

When I wasn't running, walking and cycling, I lift shared or caught the bus to work.

I don't do many car journeys but love sharing :)

Being more organised with knowing work plans with the missus means we've nailed hundreds of miles in the one car together for work journeys.

Successfully managed to share lifts two or three times per week

Car sharing is really easy way to instantly cut down on your CO2 emissions and it's also a great cost-saving!