Riding from Coast to Coast

By: Kirstie Whitaker

13 Sep 2014 - 14 Sep 2014 in North of England|

Riding from Coast to Coast

By: Kirstie Whitaker

13 Sep 2014 - 14 Sep 2014 in North of England|

I'll spend two days in September riding from the west coast of England to the east (apparently there are some helpful prevailing winds!) along the Coast to Coast route. The C2C is the ultimate ride through the heartlands of the beautiful North of England. We ride From Whitehaven over Whinlatter Pass right past my mum's front door to Keswick, then on to Penrith and up into the Pennines via cinematic Alston and the high wilderness of Northumberland and Co Durham.

I'll camp overnight at Alston, and my mum's quote when I told her this was "Oh, Alston? You don't want to ride your bike there, it's really hilly!"

She's right. Over the weekend I'll cover 140 miles and ascend a total of 2900m(!!) Who knows, maybe when I come back to Cambridge after the weekend away I'll appreciate the flat lands much more ;)So, again, I'm asking you to sponsor me for a big bike ride.... But this time I'm not asking you to give me your change: I'm asking you to create change.

The DoNation is all about creating a more sustainable world, about protecting the environment on which our livelihoods depend. And the environment needs our action more than it needs our cash.

Browse the DoActions and find one (or more) that suits you, then make your pledge(s). Some are really easy; others take a bit more effort.

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So please, get doing!

Thank you!!

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