London Marathon

By: AlanHayes_IGD

13 Apr 2014 - 13 Apr 2014 in London of course|

London Marathon

By: AlanHayes_IGD

13 Apr 2014 - 13 Apr 2014 in London of course|

Its London Marathon time - nearly 2 years in the planning and preparation, but now it's nearly here.
Why 2 years? Well, I ran 2 hr 59m 30s at Paris '12 - that put me in position 1038 in a field of 32,980 - just outside the top 3%. To get inside the top 2% needs a sub 2hr 55m time. The performance improvement curve is growing exponentially, so I knew that I needed a new performance capability that would not be easily or quickly developed.
That's why it has taken 2 years - and now I'm ready to roll. Regardless of conditions, I will be chasing the prize of a sub 2 55 time. My carefully crafted plan will see me running at target pace (6m 40s/mile) for the first 20 miles, then taking it home to the finish line a few seconds per mile quicker.
My ask is simple - pledge some support as action - 2 months from you in support of my 2 years, that seems a fair deal.
So, what are you going to do? Reduce your food waste by planning better, turn down the thermostat, buy renewable energy, offset your flights? There are lots to choose from, so go to it.
Yes, I'm asking you to sponsor me... But no, I'm not asking you to give me your change: I'm asking you to create change.

The DoNation is all about creating a more sustainable world, about protecting the environment on which our livelihoods depend. And the environment needs our action more than it needs our cash.

Browse the DoActions and find one (or more) that suits you, then make your pledge(s). Some are really easy; others take a bit more effort.

You only pledge to do your chosen action for two months and all the information you need is provided here on The DoNation, making it really easy to complete. You'll receive a few helpful reminders and then at the end of the two months you'll be asked to confirm how you got on.

So please, get doing!

Thank you!!

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