Harriett and Heather's flexitarian campaign.

Harriett and Heather's flexitarian campaign.

By: Heather Mack

26 Dec 2015|

Livestock may be responsible for over half of our global greenhouse gas emissions. Whilst many are choosing to walk instead of drive or switch to energy saving light bulbs, perhaps the biggest individual impact we can have is to choose an environmentally sensitive diet. However, asking people to choose a diet completely free of animal products is a big deal, and in our current society its still pretty tough to be 100% vegan out and about.

A vegetarian diet can actually have more of environmental impact than a meaty diet, if you replace small amounts of meat with lots of dairy. The flexitarian idea is to be aware of the impact of both meat and dairy, and limit your consumption of both. Use the following options to either pledge to go veggie, or vegan, for a certain number of meals a week, and the clever app will tell you how much carbon (equivalent) your actions will save over a 2 month period.

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