Couch to London Triathlon

By: Holly Page

8 Jun 2016 - 6 Aug 2016 in London|

Couch to London Triathlon

By: Holly Page

8 Jun 2016 - 6 Aug 2016 in London|

Hi there friends and family!

That’s right – I’m doing a triathlon. That’s right, me, Holly. And yes, I do know how long it is –a 40 km bike ride and a 10km run, all preceded by a 1500m swim in London’s finest dock water. Please sponsor me – I’d appreciate it so much and it won’t even cost you anything!

Those of you that I have ever met probably know that I take climate change pretty seriously. And it’s only getting more serious – we’ve just seen Paris get flooded, studies suggest there’s a 99% chance that this year will be hotter than any year ever before and I’d totally recommend checking out this GIF: Meanwhile the first impacts of climate change are being seen: the USA has just recognised its first ‘climate refugees’ and five pacific islands have been lost to the sea this year. Five whole islands. Lost. Gone. I want those to be the last.

So in January this year I was trying to think of ways that I could try and get a bit more awareness and support for action on climate change – something more interesting than my regular online ranting... And so I decided that I would get up off the couch and sign up to run/bike/swim the London triathlon in August.

Yes - I’ve been working on this for a while now. Why didn’t I mention it before? Well, frankly, I wasn’t sure I could manage it round the course. I’m still not completely sure I can do it – go back to January and I was not fit at all – I was eating takeaways several times a week, drinking most nights, and my only exercise was cycling to work once or twice a week. And now, er…actually none of those things have really changed, but I have started running. I still kinda hate it, I’m still pretty slow, and I still have to stop sometimes, but I’m getting there. I finally believe for the first time that I this triathlon thing might just be possible after all. I won't be speedy, but I might just make it round. And if something like that is possible, well, maybe fixing climate change might be too. I’ll waffle on about that more once I’ve actually done it. But my definition of ‘impossible’ is definitely shifting.

And so I have set up this sponsorship page, and I’m hoping very much that some of you lovely lovely people will sponsor me. I’m not even asking for your cash – this is a really nifty website and instead I’m hoping you’ll sign up for a ‘DoAction’. You can choose whatever suits you best – from going veggie once a week to taking the stairs rather than the lift. You choose! There’s loads to choose from and you only have to try it for two months. And by doing that you not only help me reach my target but you will DIRECTLY reduce your carbon emissions and DIRECTLY be part of this effort to help fix climate change.

More than that – I can’t describe how much it would help me to know that other people are part of this. Even if it’s just a small DoAction, your support it would motivate me like nothing else. I have two months to go and I need to do an awful lot of work before then. I’m about to hit the point where my ‘yay, you tried!’ star chart is going to have to change into ‘sorry I can’t come to the pub, I have to go home and train again’, and that’s something I’m really going to struggle with.

Please pick a DoAction (or several!) - your support would mean the absolute world to me.

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