Ride the Change is a social bike ride with a big mission.

We're a group of almost 200 people cycling together from London to Glasgow for COP26 from 24th - 31st October 2021, in support of climate action.

The ride has been organised by Do Nation, Possible, Arup, and Brake the Cycle. Together, our goals are three fold:
1. Building a community of climate champions, through the shared challenge of the ride.
2. Experiencing the positive impact we can all have through raising climate action pledges.
3. Influencing leaders by sharing the story of the ride, the communities we pass through, and the carbon savings we inspire, we aim to inspire individuals to take action and to influence decision makers to be bolder in their climate commitments.

Make a pledge to support someone below. We're aiming to reach 5,000 pledges - can you help us to get there?

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