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Imagine this: you’re given £6191 to donate to either a Welsh wind farm or a Saudi oil company. Which you would you rather? How about a Dorsetshire school’s solar panel, or American coal?

If you’re buying your energy from one of the big six energy suppliers, you’re giving your money to companies who’ll invest it in dirty and unsustainable forms of energy.

Why not give your money to companies who are more likely share your values, and invest it in clean, future-proof forms of energy?

Switch to a clean energy supplier today: it takes minutes but the benefits will live on for years. What's more, by switching through our partner schemes below, you'll be unlocking a donation to Do Nation - helping us to keep our website running and encouraging 100,000's more people to live sustainably.


Here are a few reasons to take action.

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Energy security

In 1998, the UK was a net energy importer, but since North Sea oil passed its peak in 1999, our energy imports have steadily increased - we now reply on imported energy for almost 50% of our energy supply.2

The UK’s crude oil and natural gas primarily comes from Norway, OPEC, Russia, and Quatar, and coal comes from Russia, Columbia, and the United States.2

Increasing our use of renewable electricity will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, gas and coal, and in turn protect us from unpredictable oil prices, international disputes and the other threats of peak oil.

Clean energy technology is ready and waiting for our money. So show the big guys that you want it clean – switch to a green energy tariff today.

Climate Change

Electricity generation accounts for a whopping 29% of the UK’s carbon emissions, and we’re lagging shamefully behind our European friends in the renewable energy generation game.3

However, 2017 was a great year for renewables in the UK, with wind generating more electricity than coal on 75% of days, and renewable generation over-powering fossil fuels on 23 days in total4.

So the government is on track to meet the 30% renewable electricity target by 2020 given our windy and coast-rich island setting, but we’re not even halfway to meeting the 12% renewable heating target, and the use of renewables for transportation actually fell in 2015.5

The Fracking Problem

Fracking has been a major issue making headlines across the world including the UK. Instead of investing on renewable energy, conventional energy companies are investing into non-renewable shale gas, further increasing the UK’s CO2 emissions.

Our Local Environment

Fracking involves a good handful of toxic chemicals.6 Pro-fracking lobbyist argue that there will be no pollution if good practices are observed. But there are already several reports of environmental pollution in the residential areas surrounding fracking sites in the US. This not only affects the environment but also the communities surrounding it.

Global Goals

In September 2017, a historic agreement was signed by UN member nations agreeing to work towards 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, otherwise known as the SDGs.

Achieving these ambitious goals will require action from governments, businesses, NGOs, and individuals alike. We can - and must - all play our part.

By making the 'Clean your bills' pledge, you are contributing to the following SDG targets:

3.9: By 2030, substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution and contamination

7.2: By 2030, increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix

12.8: By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature

13.3: Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning


You don't have to have new power lines installed, and you don't have to stick a wind turbine on the roof. You simply switch provider to one who will invest in producing renewable energy to feed into the grid. And of course, you'll still benefit from the reliability of the National Grid.

We've partnered with the best green energy providers in the country - who are also chart toppers when it comes to customer service. More info on each of them below.

Aside from being friendly, reliable, and clean energy providers - they also make a donation to Do Nation for every one of you who switches. Those donations help us to keep our servers running, encouraging 1,000's more people to discover the wonders of living sustainably. So please be sure to use and share the links below.

Read about how we chose the products and services that we recommend here.


Bulb are the new kid on the block, and thanks to their low prices, great user experience, and renewable credentials, they're taking the UK energy market by storm.

Bulb's whole model and infrastructure has been designed for the digital age, they've leapfrogged many of the clunky systems that traditional providers depend on. As a result, switching to Bulb is said to be seamless and almost always saves you money.

When you switch using this link, they'll donate up to £40 to Do Nation, helping us to keep growing our impact.

Oh, and like us, they're a B Corp too!


Ecotricity are a friendly bunch who have just two tariffs, one for green electricity and one for green gas and these are both dedicated to building new sources of green energy – put them together for the ultimate green dual fuel.

They live up to their 'Bills to Mills’ motto, which means reinvesting their profits into more windmills, and since 2010, Ecotricity has spent more per customer on building new sources of green electricity than all of the other energy providers put together.

If you'd like to speak to one of the friendly Ecotricity team, call 08000 302 302 (and be sure to tell them you heard about them through Do Nation!), or switch online.

Good Energy

Good Energy sources its electricity from UK renewables like sunshine, wind, water, and biofuels. It supports a growing community of over 55,000 homes, businesses and communities generating their own green power. Switching to Good Energy can help you cut your carbon footprint by up to 50%.

Good Energy usually costs less than the Big Six’s standard dual fuel tariffs whilst topping the Which? customer satisfaction. It has also consistently topped Ethical Consumer’s survey as the best green electricity supplier. So you can be sure switching to their supply is good for the planet as well as your pocket.

You can give them a call on 0800 254 0004 (don't forget to mention Do Nation!) or check out Good Energy's website.

Success Stories


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I swapped to Bulb - thanks for introducing me to them – very happy with the savings I’m going to be making and they are green!

Something I'd been meaning to do for ages - now sorted!

I switched to Good Energy for both Gas and Electricity - couldn't have been easier...

I have signed up to Good Energy. Woohoo!

Done! That was way easier than I expected, and so rewarding to know that now my kettle is boiling using energy from the sun, and my lights are powered by the wind.

Swapped my energy supplier to Bulb, saving money AND the planet at the same time. Feels good :)

This was such a simple and easy thing to do - another of those things I'd never got round to before!

Finally switched to renewable energy sources!

Switched to a 100% green electricity deal through OVO Energy

Saved money too

Switched to Ecotricity and have solar panels installed!


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