Theo's 1st Birthday

Theo's 1st Birthday

By: Melanie Hemmings

20th January 2018|

Being in the fortunate position of 3rd sibling, and 7th of the cousins(!), Theo currently has everything he needs and more toys than he can play with! So, here is an alternative gift idea - a pledge to make the planet a better place for him to grow up in!

You could pick from one of the top Do Actions below, or browse more by clicking the ‘pledge’ button above. Some are super easy; others take a bit more effort, and you only have to give it a go for two months. Each one benefits the environment (and a lot have health and financial benefits too!).

Our hope is for this to be fun, so if it doesn't sound like fun to you then please don't feel obliged to do anything - it's just another idea of a gift you could give him if you want!

Love, Mel & Will

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