Be the Start

By: Start

1st May 2013 - 1st May 2013|

Be the Start

By: Start

1st May 2013 - 1st May 2013|

Be the Start is all about starting – with new ways to be happier and healthier, to live more resourcefully, to be part of more vibrant communities, to travel smarter and to transform us all into a nation that shares.

Start is asking you to be a 'Starter', by committing to do a small action for just two months, which, along with thousands of other Starters, will help create one big sustainable movement!

We would love you to shout about being a Starter and the actions we’ve inspired you to take. Use social media (#BeTheStart) to share your action with friends and family!

So, go on and be a Starter! Make your pledge now by browsing through the categories and don’t forget to check out our special Featured Do Actions.

Let’s see how much of a difference we can make!

Priority Do Actions

These are the actions that we think are most apt right now. There are many more to chose from here.

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