Farming on the Front Line of Climate Change

Farming on the Front Line of Climate Change

By: Explorers' Stories

13th January 2017|

In January 2017, students Cameron Mackay (University of Glasgow) and Abel McLinden (University of Sheffield) released a short documentary film following the story of their research into the impact of climate change on the sustainability of agriculture in Ladakh, Indian Himalayas which took place last summer.

The film shows that people in the Himalayas are facing huge challenges due to climate change and the future of farming in the area is uncertain. The film can be seen here:

We all have the power to contribute towards a solution to climate change in our individual actions.

So, if you have been inspired to take action by the film, make a pledge to adopt more environmentally friendly habits! This can be done by picking a behavioural change that you would like to adopt, called a 'Do Action' from below. Then it's up to you to keep that up for two months! Pick as many as you dare!

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