BIG Green Week Festival

BIG Green Week Festival

By: Bristol's BIG Green Week

17th June 2012 - 24th June 2013|

Inspired by BIG Green Week 2013? Do something free and easy to help right now!

Our environment needs action more than money. Individuals are at the root of the solution. We simply need to act.

BIG Green Week has teamed up with Do Nation and Good Energy, the green electricity supplier to see how much we can DO together with your help.

We are asking every one of our 40,000 inspired festival visitors to DO just one simple thing right now at home to help make a difference.

Add your own free pledge to Do Nation today. By registering your pledge online we can capture the impact and start to build a movement.

Just choose one of over 45 simple actions on the Do Nation website. Or try one of BIG Green Week’s top five:

- Shower Power
- On yer Bike
- Clean your Bills
- Eat Up
- Passion Fashion

With lots of people already pledged, add your own DO to the list right now to show your support – thank you!

Priority Do Actions

These are the actions that we think are most apt right now. There are many more to chose from here.

How we're doing


in total




bananas worth of carbon saved


CO2 confirmed



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