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PC power


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Adjust your computer power

In just 20 seconds you could improve your computers' efficiency and lifespan, whilst cutting your fuel bills by £17 a year – that's money you can save right now.

All you have to do to prevent this is change a few basic settings on your computer, so that the monitor turns off when inactive and the system goes into hibernate when not in use.

Climate change

Computers use electricity, quite a lot actually. Leaving a computer and its peripherals on when not in use wastes a lot of energy, resulting in totally unnecessary carbon emissions.

1/6th of all computers in the UK are never switched off at night or over the weekend, accounting for 700,000 tonnes of CO2,1equivalent to 150 space shuttle flights.2


By improving the energy efficiency of your computer you would save energy and as much as £17 from your electricity bill each year, right now. Shockingly, a third of business computers in the UK are left switched on overnight, costing British businesses more than £300m a year in extra electricity bills.3

PC Health

Regularly leaving your PC on when not in use affects the life-span of the computer. In fact, by managing the power settings more efficiently, you’ll prolong its battery life significantly.


of energy used by computers is spent on running idle, not on actual computing.4

It's really very easy. Follow the simple instructions given below:

Mac users:

1. Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Energy Saver
2. Set the sleep timings to low (we recommend 2 mins for display, 10 mins for sleep)
3. Check the boxes next to 'put the hard disks to sleep when possible' and the display brightness options.
4. If using a laptop, make sure you adjust settings for both power and battery states.

There are several handy apps like Caffeine that allow you to override these settings with one simple click - perfect for that important presentation when you really don’t want your laptop going to sleep!

Windows users:

Microsoft offer some handy instructions for Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP users.
Peripherals and the WiFi sensor also drain energy from your computer, so disconnect or turn them off when not in use.