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Air-dry your clothes

Put a breath of fresh air into your laundry and give your sheets the soft scent of nature… for real. Hang dry your laundry instead of tumble-drying.

Tumble dryers are the most energy-intensive household appliance, costing the average British household £60 a year to run, and emitting as much CO2 as driving five long hours from London to Newcastle.1


Here's some great reasons why it's so important.

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Tumble driers gobble up energy and cash. If it's sunny or breezy outside, get hanging and save money.

Climate change

We humans have been happily allowing our clothes to dry in the fresh air for around 10,000 years, but over the last 20 odd years the tumble craze has taken hold, with the average household heating and spinning their clothes three times a week1, summer, winter, spring and autumn. That adds 5.164 million tonnes CO2 to our national emissions each year – more than is emitted by running a million homes for a whole year!2

Clothes care

Tumbling can shrink clothes and wear them out faster, shortening the lifespan of your favourite tees. Love your clothes, treat them gently.


No explanation needed… hang your clothes. Inside or out - it depends on the weather and how much space you have.

Need a clothes horse or some nifty-space saving radiator racks? Pop down to your local DIY or pound shop or check out Ethical Superstore.

Success Stories


in total



This was relatively easy to hang my wasing, either on the washing line or on the drier stack.

This has become an ingrained habit with me now.

It's summer - washing out on the line smells great :-)

This is a great idea and has helped me keep track of my green progress. Thank you.

I bought a new airer which was worth the money as I have saved on my electricity bill.


  1. Berners-Lee, M. (2010). How Bad are Bananas?
  2. Act on CO2


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